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I wanted to share with you this exclusive opportunity to join Richard Harrington's brand-new, premier mentoring group called

The Next-Billionaire Mastermind. 

Only a small group of 30 high-performing individuals worldwide who are looking to make exponential gains in both their personal AND pro lives [all while making a glorious impact on the world] will be accepted into his new transformational 12-month group coaching program. 


Your journey in The Next-Billionaire Mastermind begins with a bonus 3-Day Online Event - The Next-Billionaire Mastermind Summit with Richard Harrington online and LIVE! 

Richard Harrington will be the sole presenter for this 3-day intensive; where he’ll share with you his EXACT Investment model, frameworks, and breakthrough ideas that got him financially free at age 24 and featured with Warren Buffett in Forbes Magazine. 

Richard Harrington has been developing this over the course of his 13 years investing WITHOUT a broker! 


The information you’ll receive over these three days will set you up for an extraordinary 2023; helping you achieve freedom and wealth in EVERY ASPECT of your life – all without you sacrificing more of your precious time or working harder!


… And, the 3 days you’ll spend together with Richard is only the beginning of your exclusive mentoring journey with Richard Harrington.


Then, you’ll receive One Year of Transformational, Private Group Mentoring with Richard Harrington (over 10 months), plus access to One Year of the World-Class Online The Next-Billionaire Mastermind Training Curriculum to deepen your understanding and support your implementation of his teachings.


The material he will share with you inThe Next-Billionaire Mastermind is battle-tested through his work with some of the world’s most successful human beings; and even only ONE insight from your time with Richard could be worth several million dollars to you, or free up many precious hours in your week.


In fact, Richard Harrington's intention is to help you make game-changing moves in your business - without sacrificing any other area of your life that’s important to you.  


Right now, you might find yourself facing daily hard decisions; each with their own set of risks and opportunity costs. 


For example: you might make a choice that is excellent for your business, but causes you to suffer consequences across other areas of your life. Maybe trouble in your relationships, or even a decline in your health or emotional wellbeing.


“Opportunity cost” is the concept that for each decision you make, you’re paying the price somewhere else in your life. 


Because of this imbalance many of the global high-achievers reported that even with their external success, they don’t feel successful inside. 


This is the painful secret of high-performing individuals everywhere - maybe you’ve felt this way, too.


But there is a way to transcend above “opportunity cost” and elevate yourself into a better way of living and scaling your business.


Many of Richard Harrington's newest, breakthrough concepts that he shares in The Next-Billionaire Mastermind helps exceptionalists – just like you – finally heal those inner wounds so they can finally enjoy the freedom they have worked so hard for.

Yes, you really can simultaneously enjoy success across all areas of your life - while working less and being less busy. 


Does this idea resonate with you?


And are you ready, to finally stop juggling opportunity costs and start gaining freedom and victory in both your personal and pro life?


Then we invite you to consider joining Richard Harrington in The Next-Billionaire Mastermind.


As I mentioned above, this opportunity will only be available to 30 high-achieving individuals. 


And it will never be available at the current price again.


When you join The Next-Billionaire Mastermind, you’ll receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be mentored by Richard Harrington in a tight group of 29 other exceptional individuals, plus: 


  • One year of private group mentoring [a monthly private group mentoring session with Richard Harrington for 10 months]. These LIVE calls will take place over 2023, and will be recorded so you can access them for the lifetime of our website. Value: $10,000 USD

  • One year of access to The Next-Billionaire Mastermind world-class online training curriculum; specifically engineered to accelerate your installation of Richard Harrington's proven tactics, protocols and investment models to activate high success.                      Value $7,850 USD

  • Exclusive Access to a Network of Highly Successful Individuals who prioritize their growth. That means business opportunities, friendships with very rare individuals and the opportunity to be supported by (and support) a very powerful network of people. Value - what would this network be worth to you?

  • BONUS: 3-Day Live Event The Next-Billionaire Mastermind Summit with Richard Harrington -as the sole presenter for the full 3 days- LIVE online!
    Value: $3,000 USD

    Dates: January 27, 28, and 29, 2023. 9AM - 5PM daily. The event will be recorded and you’ll have access to it for the lifetime of our website. 

Total Value: $20 850+ USD

Regular Tuition Investment: $10,000 USD

Special Tuition For VIP Invitees: *$4997 USD [You Save $15851 USD] 

Your investment in The Next-Billionaire Mastermind will only be $4997 USD for the full year of private group mentoring.

*this offer will only be available until 28 November 2022 or until the 30 spots are filled.


And the spots will fill up really fast because you already know the power of Richard Harrington's ability, story and his audience spans into the hundreds of thousands worldwide.

If you want to claim your spot among the other 29 Future Billionaires,

you need to take action now and make payment to secure your spot.

After that, you’ll receive a personal follow-up from The Next-Billionaire Mastermind Team Concierge,

who will guide you to your next step. 


There is also a payment plan available - two split payments of $2970 each thirty days apart. 


If you’re ready to secure your seat - tell the chat team, “I’m in” to get started.


There are a very limited number of seats, so we encourage you to apply as soon as you’re ready.


Richard Harrington is looking forward to welcoming you to The Next-Billionaire Mastermind.


  • Team Richard Harrington 


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