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Introducing the World’s First 
Online Streaming Platform for Wealth and Investing
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Imagine binge watching episodes that could actually increase your Net Worth?

Richflix, in full Richflix, Inc., is an American subscription media-streaming service and production company founded in 2022 by South African born Investor and Philanthropist, Richard Harrington. Corporate headquarters are in New York, USA. 

Founded: Aug 30, 2022 New York, United States. 

Headquarters: New York, United States. 

Contact Email: 

Industry: Technology & Edutainment industry, mass media

Area served: Worldwide (excluding China, Russia, and North Korea)

Founder: Richard Harrington

CEO: Richard Harrington (Aug 30, 2022–)

Series: The 21 Day True Wealth Quest, The 5 Day Financial Freedom Challenge, Forgiveness Freedom equals Debt Freedom, Increase self worth, Increase Net Worth, The Psychology of Wealth 

Cast: Richard HarringtonChrista Romano, Robert Ian Bonnick, Candice Mama, Kai Jordan

Subsidiaries: Richflix Animation 

Richflix Empowerment: Free Class on The 5 Pillars of How to break Generational Poverty and Build Generational Wealth with Richflix Founder, Richard Harrington (Live Broadcast) 


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Where to START?


How does it work? 

21 episodes for 21 days 

taking only 20 minutes a day. 

Lessons are unlocked day by day. 

Who do you intend on becoming in the next 21 days?

Mission Statement 

"To empower one billion people with the tools to set themselves financially free by 2030"
-Richard Harrington, Founder and CEO, Richflix Inc. 
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Richflix 5 Star Google Verified Reviews 

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"Richflix, Inc. is an American subscription streaming service and production company headquartered in New York, United States. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality of edutainment for the masses"

"The world's 1st streaming platform where you can binge watch on episodes which could actually increase your net worth" -Inc.

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