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The Era of Online Streaming Platforms

By Richard Harrington, creator of RICHFLIX

Many people are comparing the television revolution (from black and white tv to colour tv) to the revolution from cable tv to on demand online streaming platforms. And rightfully so, here are are a list of the biggest* online streaming platforms at the moment:

*(according to amount of subscribers 2021)

  1. Netflix, 219.7 Million Subscribers

  2. Amazon Prime Video, 200 Million Subscribers

  3. Disney+, 152.1 Million Subscribers

  4. HBO MAX, 73 Million Subscribers

  5. Hulu, 43.8 Million Subscribers

  6. Paramount+ , 43.3 Million.Subscribers

  7. Apple TV+, 40 Million Subscribers

  8. Peacock, 13 Million Subscribers

As you can see with the above numbers, online streaming platforms are here to stay because numbers don't lie. And to tell people to stop watching streaming platforms, for example, "stop spending so much of your time binge watching Netflix episodes" is really 1980s style motivation messages. In my opinion it is fruitless telling people what they must or mustn't do, it is better to create an alternative. So if human beings are evolving for some reason into 'binge watching' then also create something that they can binge watch that will actually make their lives better. And it was from this idea of creating an alternative option that Richflix was born.

Richflix is the world's 1st Netflix of Wealth and Investing.

But Richflix is not just another online video streaming platform (number 9), below I have listed three key differences between Richflix and Netflix. (I have chosen to compare to Netflix because there is not enough time to compare it to all 8 streaming platforms and at the moment Netflix is the biggest online streaming platform in the world, for the moment of course).

Difference #1- The Primary Goal

The primary goal of Netflix is to entertain, whereas the primary goal of Richflix is edutainment (where education and entertainment meet). With Netflix you binge watch on episodes because it gives you pleasure, with Richflix the primary goal is that you binge watch episodes that actually increases your net worth- in terms of how to invest and build your wealth for the long term.

Difference #2- The Passive Viewer

The common thread with these online video streaming platforms is that you don't have to do anything- you simply just sit there and watch passively. In fact, the only thing that you needed to do was click to the next episode after they've left you on a cliffhanger. But now even that has been eliminated- with many platforms, such as Netflix, now having countdown timers that automatically go to the next episode without you having to do anything. With Richflix each episode doesn't end with a cliffhanger but with a challenge. You get a daily challenge that you can apply before going on to the next episode. So it's not just watching and learning but also doing, because life rewards people of action.

Difference #3: Personal viewing can get lonely

History shows us that our generation prefers to go to cinemas than to go to live theatre productions that previous generations preferred. Yes, there are still those who go to live theatre productions, these are more of a 'niche' market than a mainstream mass market as in the past. And now we are witnessing another shift- a shift away from watching films in a group setting, i.e. cinemas and watching films personally, in the comfort of your own home. And we've seen the success Netflix have had with their films going straight to small screen and now Disney piloting their latest films straight onto their own platform, Disney+, and thereby cutting out mainstream cinemas completely. On the plus side watching the latest films in your home can be more affordable and more comfortable (no loud people or crying babies) but the downside is it can get really lonely. With Richflix, we aim to solve this problem of loneliness, by giving each Richflix subscriber access to a private chat platform where all viewers can discuss each episode with each other and also hold each other accountable to the daily challenges after each episode. Interestingly, I have found that accountability has been the game changer in my own life.

Closing- Which is better, Netflix or Richflix?

Obviously, as the creator of Richflix, I should say that Richflix is WAY better, but this wouldn't make sense because it will be comparing apples with bananas and not apples with apples. Or in this case Apple TV with Richflix.

You need both, entertainment and education. I think you could say that the ultimate goal of Richflix is to try and restore balance in the type of content we watch. Yes, we need to watch content that entertains us and relaxes us (that's why I also watch Netflix) but we also need to watch content that teach us how to increase our net worth, so that we can create wealth for ourselves, our family and the next generation.

If this article resonated with you, you can learn more about Richflix HERE.

Richflix currently has 3 seasons on the platform, with season 4 coming soon.

You can watch all official Richflix trailers HERE.

I trust that you've enjoyed reading my article and if it added value to you I invite to leave a comment below and feel free to share this article with your friends and families.

Happy watching. Happy learning. Happy investing. Happy growing.

Richard Harrington

-Forbes featured Investor and Philanthropist

-Creator of RICHFLIX

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5 commentaires

Michelle Siepker
Michelle Siepker
09 sept. 2022

I love what you are doing - very inspiring and motivating! I know you don't need me to tell you this - keep it up! Love to you both 💗💗💗


Great article. I'm looking forward to getting into Richflix! Thanks as always!


Jesse Rajh
Jesse Rajh
02 sept. 2022

So practical and definitely something healthy nuggets I can apply in my own life! Fantastic read 💫


Louis Kanteh
Louis Kanteh
27 août 2022

Excited to see the first episodes on Richflix!


So true! It’s all about #balance! You are doing amazing stuff helping so many people empower themselves!

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